Tuesday, April 7, 2009

30. Sketchbook Pages

I have been working full time as of a few weeks ago on an amazing
feature film project so I havn't
done heaps in the way of personal paintings, but I thought I would throw
up some sketchbook stuff :) hope you like!

Im testing email blogging so hopefully this formats ok!


Yohann Schepacz said...

Inspiring chtuff ! Stop procrastinating, taking bath and all! God ! Where is my dinner ?

David Cousens said...

You're working on a film?!? Congrats Adam! I'm really happy for you! :D

P.J. Magalhães said...

Yeah man heaps congrats from me too! Awesome stuff you got here and on your study post as well. I have to do some of those myself these 2 weeks! I hope the movie thing is just a great experience too! Was that a little bit of animation motion study as well that i saw, with the little sac?

Maxetormer said...

I'm loving all the pages but I specially like this one :D


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