Saturday, January 9, 2010

43. Back in the game

Hey everyone

Its been so long since I updated, no doubt I will have to go back on the campaign trail to bring back my jaded readers!

The second half of 2009 was an amazing rollercoaster... I got to work with two of my dream clients on two feature films which were extremely enjoyable and productive to work on. I have been forcing myself through the eye of a needle and I think it was a really beneficial experience.

I will be moving overseas for quite some time, attempting to work full time on the road as I travel, and it should free up quite a significant portion of my time to work on my own stuff - which is a long, long time coming. The cost of living in Sydney is so high, staying here feels like spinning your wheels... its time to go live where its cheap, sunny, and full of culture!

I have a great deal of work to do this year, and my pace will be just as frenetic - but thankfully I can say a temporary goodbye to restricitve NDA's and start posting actively here again. I will also be starting a second blog for a particular project before long. In the meantime I hope you forgive my absence, and I will try to have lots of work - and more importantly - process and thoughts - up here over the coming months.

I want to say a big thank you to Kim Taylor, Evan Shipard and Yohann Schepacz, for the huge impact they have had on my learning in 2009 - you are all true friends and I will miss being away from your inspired company!

Here is a piece I did for Imagine FX magazine recently. I am trying to arrange another article with them - something more unique and specific ot what I'm doing - I really hope it works out!

Here is a quick album cover for Electro/Disco group Golden Bug on the Bang Gang Label

And here is another quick illustration.

I will try to get permission to show some work from the films as time permits. Fingers crossed!! Next time you hear from me I will be amongst the silversmiths and warungs of Karangasem, East Bali -- wifi permitting :)

I hope 2010 provides many exciting challenges and shifts of thinking for all my brothers and sisters. Be good ;)



Gee Hale said...

Hey Dude! Nice to see you back posting again! :) Congrats on the projects, can't wait to see what you'll whip out! Enjoy your 'break' and post again soon!

ps- thanks for checking out my folio during the exhibition.

Mike said...

loving pieces, especially the first one