Monday, January 21, 2008

2. Brainstorm Day

Today was a busy one, ongoing brainstorming and preparatory explorations for a series of concepts for Epiphany. I decided to unplug from the computer and work analogue so I used my drawing table. I took a shot of how it typically looks during a brainstorming session. I like to spread my visual explorations out so I can see them all at once, as well as all my lists and written ideas. It helps me cross reference my ideas quickly and easily...

Also uploading an oil I did recently - my first multi-session painting as I come to grips with the new medium. Also the first time I have painted a long pose in any medium. I was fairly happy with what I achieved considering I had never worked beyond a loose sketch in oils, but I am photographing on a small camera with flash so it was hard to get it anywhere near how it looks under a natural light.

Canvas toned with Raw Umber/Ivory Black mixt. Painting done with:
[Yellow Ochre] [Ivory Black] [Titanium White] [Light Red]

Our teacher was very much a salon inspired classical realist and, using a limited 4-colour pallette, most of my time was spent trying to achieve subtle temperature shifts throughout the skintones which dont pick up in the photo. The face, legs and arms were barely worked on in fact - most of the work went into the torso. Didnt even get time to go to shadows (which were just left as the raw umber wash, except for areas like the hair and platform). Subtlety was definately the biggest lesson here and the progression from my initial, very high contrast lay-in to the final, more subtle finish was really great to be guided through. Im looking forward to the next one!

Also watched Paprika today, and would highly recommend it for those who dig animated stuff! Visually stunning and great weighted animation.


Tom Scholes said...

Nice painting dude!

Unknown said...

Fantastic painting! I haven't seen Paprika yet though the trailers look really cool.

Unknown said...

Ha you saw paprika :)

Nice painting, nice update