Sunday, January 27, 2008

3. Sun Day

I sat at Kawa in Surry Hills for 4 hours this morning, and reconnected with an exterior world I have been passing by this week, lost in my work. It was good to engage again and I enjoyed the company of a few people who were looking over my shoulder as I sketched. I hope that sometime, somewhere, somebody sees me sketching and is inspired to exhale a breath of their own creativity.

I've been backed up with work for Epiphany, but got a chance to finish off this character for a challenge run by my friend Alex Drummond at CA. The topic was 'Leaf Goddess of the Light'. This is the first character I have painted (and actually finished) in maybe 6 months! The competition is just warming up and looks like a fun preoccupation to keep me on my toes with character work (thanks Alti).

And finally, the new Gorilla Artfare HQ is up and running and the family there is already posting some beautiful work. Go check it out. And by the by, I'm currently their volunteer copywriter and editor, so enny spelinng mestaks are my folt! Sorey!


Tom Scholes said...

Oo, some neat neat stuff going on in this painting dooder.

kitsch said...

Howdy dude !
Didn't know you had a blog ? as always,impressive stuff.
I checked out the lms stuff the other day on the forum,damn amazing...

So how's home life? have you finished battlestar yet?!
or are you still waiting on your wife yohanna to come home and hold you, while both of you watch it till sunlight? :P