Sunday, February 3, 2008

4.5 Quick colour study

This was a 25 minute colour study I did to test out some theory that James posted over at GurneyJourney. Such an obvious element of light, but I completely missed it up until now. Had a good epiphany moment...

Rule: In the shadows, during daylight, up-facing planes catch blue light, but down facing planes catch radiosity from lit ground. Simple huh?


Unknown said...

Hey Adam, that's a great thing to realize when painting environments. Hadn't thought about that before, so thanks for explaining :)

Art slumps are pretty weird, I used to have them a lot too. I got these drill exercices I do now when I don't feel creative. Then I often do a lot of gestures, color studies etc. So shutting down the creative side for a while, and painting like solving math exercices. This way you're still busy improving your motoric skills. But yea every now and then I also just say.. I'm on vacation, time to spend some time with friends, watch a movie etc.

Mike said...

Great stuff here! I'm coming back to have a look, keep it up ;)