Friday, February 8, 2008

5. KVB, Ingrid Morley, Archibald Prize, Environmentoring, PUPPIES.

Although I don't have any art to share for the moment, there were a few updates I wanted to share

1. KvB

I have just started teaching a new class at KVB College in North Sydney. The current class revolves around gaming and designing for games, but I am planning to present several proposals for digital painting and concept art courses. To get the class to run I need to show that there is an interest in Sydney for digital painting. If you are a Sydney based digital painter who thinks a university course would be a good thing, please let me know!

2. Ingrid Morley

Ingrid is a fantastic sculptor based here in Sydney who I have known for a few years, and she gave a public presentation last night of her latest travelling body of work. Her practise conveys a strong energy and she is absolutely dedicated to her craft. She runs several classes in Naremburn and regularly exhibits, also being included several times in 'Sculpture by the Sea' overlooking Bondi. She recently returned from a residency in Beijing which also included travelling to Tibet and the Gobi Desert. Thanks for your fantastic presentation of your inspiring journey Ingrid - shows the power that travel can have for your art practise.

3. Archibald prize

I have made a commitment to submit to the Archibald Portrait Painting prize (Australia's biggest) in 2009. It requires the portrait to be of a notable member of the Australian community or a prominent artist/art figure (and cannot be a self portrait). I approached my intended subject and have secured her to sit for me later in 2008! She is a fantastic character and I can't wait to spend a whole 6 months working on this painting. I'm definitely in the deep end on this one!

4. Environmentoring

My first online class has wrapped up this week and the students have produced some great work, which I will ask for their permission to post here. The class taught me a lot about teaching, especially how to handle it in an online environment. I wanted to post a link to the 2nd class which I am currently accepting applications for. If you know any artists looking to improve their environment painting skills, please direct them here.

5. Puppy

I saved a puppy today who had been hit by a car. I live on a 5-way intersection with multiple lanes of traffic. The puppy had been hit by a passing car which did severe damage to one eye and 3 of its legs. Please, if you ever hit an animal on the road, STOP and help it. The poor dog was left alone on the road for the 2-3 minutes it took me to get some clothes on and get out to help it. In that time it easily could have been wiped out by another car. An accident is unavoidable, but once you choose to ignore it and drive on, that accident becomes a choice. Big ups to the puppy who, once she had been rugged up, was pretty easy going considering. You rock, Milou!

Thanks for listening to my ramble :) Hopefully I can do some scanning and photographing soon!
Until next time, hope you find inspiration in an unlikely place.


Tom Scholes said...

You go girl!

Adam Paquette said...

hah, maybe you could write a rap about it tominem :P

OYO ! said...

Hmmm I know somebody whose gonna eat some fried puppy when he'll get back ! Mouahahahah !

Mike said...

What a good deed! I'm waiting for any kind of puppy coming to my I could bribe my flatmates :P

And I'm waiting for new updates!

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam! Great to hear things are treating you well (except the puppy accident, that sounded awful). That is so exciting to hear that you're entering the Archibald. All the best with it. :D

Eric Orchard said...

Fantastic artist and good samaritan....

Anonymous said...


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