Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sketches, Lifedrawing etc

About time I scanned all this recent paper work iv been up to. All stuff for practice and out of the moleskine. Working, working, working at correcting my shitty figures and faces!!! Such an achiles heel. Getting there...

Bismarck Finished Version

Wrapped up the Bismarck today, client happy, smiles all round :)

Cant wait to see it on the cover. Its now in Mitch's capable hands for typography/design work.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Work In Progress BISMARCK

I dont share my wips often in public - which is something I would like to do more of. Here is one started today - and due end of tomorrow. Its an LP cover for the Lost Valentinos. The brief was basically to come up with an image that indicated a battleship, and somehow encorporated their logo. Here is what I came up with so far today. Tomorrow is all colour shifting, rendering, and finishing off the design.

My mate Mitch Beige Brown will be handling the design.

Campaign Pitch - Bluetongue Beer


Some friends of mine who run a web design studio here in Sydney asked me to help them knock up some artwork for a pitch to Bluetongue Beer - a local premium, niche beverage.

It normally frustrates me to work for those types of brands - but in this case I couldn’t resist indulging in the concept. My brief was essentially to create a giant fantasy brewery interior environment, colourful, playful, and magical. I mean how can you resist?

I had just downloaded some new brushes and found the painting a lot of fun and I actually learned a shitload on it too. I had one day in-house in their studio to do it - inside their working hours, which was another great experience having such a limited time in the studio and outside my normal working time. The concept took about 2-3 hours to nail through thumbnails and revision, then about 5 hours to paint it up.

Here’s what came out: I hope they go with the pitch as i would love to finish the painting and continue concepting for it…

Lightness of Being

I am finally gaining confidence with my character work. I did this one for an online Card Game, and played it safe with the posing etc to make sure I stayed within my comfort zone since it was work, but I think Im really getting somewhere with correcting my long time fear of figure work.