Sunday, May 31, 2009

37.5 Cut and Paste

More news... in one week I will be a competitor at Cut and Paste, Sydney's biggest live painting competition. The winner not only gets a shiny new cintiq, but also gets to jet to New York to compete in the championship, siiiiiick! If you are in Sydney, come along and check it out, yo!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

37. Sketches and News

Hey everyone :)

It has been a great week! I have wrapped up a couple of jobs and made some very exciting new inroads into creative collaborations in Sydney. First some news and shout outs...

Extra Cheeese 3 is on!

Now part of Sydney Design Week and run by my good friend Daniel Dittmar, The annual EC exhibition is now in its third year and has upped the ante by calling out artists and designers to join forces in 2-man collaborative efforts! I will be working with Dave Foster who is an amazing typographer. The call for entries is now open and I encourage you all to find a buddy and apply - it is a fantastic exhibition and the space this year will be magnificent.

ArtOrder feature: Wizards of the Coast

I was recently spotlighted on the blog of Wizards Lead Art Director, Jon Schindehette. I have had a lot of fun working on this job and will be able to post the work, and a tutorial, soon as its published.

Kim Taylor's Blog

Kim works as a Matte Painter here in Sydney at Animal Logic, but his concept work is easily on par with his matte stuff. He has started a new blog which is great inspiration for those who want to keep up their practise. Visit Pencils and Jam

Sydney Sketch Meet 3!

Its about time! For more info, go here. It is this coming Saturday, 6 June, and we kick off around 10am at the Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park. Come packing heat/pencils.

There is more news in the pipeline, which will have to wait for now! I have had a hell of a lot of work on the past few weeks so sketching has been on the backburner, but here is what I have managed to get down on the paper... more digital paintings soooooooon! Stay well.

Pen Pages
Click to enlarge

Sydney Sketch Meet (Artline + Water)
Click to enlarge

Origin (Gouache)
Click to enlarge

Mum (Gouache)

Click to enlarge

Float (Inspired by Joao Ruas)

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The Filmmaker

Sunday, May 10, 2009

36. More Lascivio

I have been steadily working at my production speed to get my work-for-hire as efficient as I can. Reduction, simplification, and a better starting thumbnail/block in.

The Lascivio project has been a loyal client and has allowed me to be very experimental and honest with my working methods - a real reciprocal client/artist relationship.

Here are 3 from the week just past, each less than a day from conception sketches to revision.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

35. Bree

Usually I love to write a whole bunch of long winded nonsense to accompany my images, but when it comes to Bree words fail me completely.
So I'll just stick to 'damn you craig mullins!' and let dat be dat.

from life


Sunday, May 3, 2009

34. Shot

Had a photoshoot yesterday with Daniel Dittmar of FLOOD (Creative Direction) and Charles Dennington (Photography) for an upcoming project. Had a lot of fun shooting different angles throughout my studio building.

Thanks heaps to Julian and Kareena too for being such patient and enthusiastic models and to Jo and Rei for reliable assistance :)

Some behind the scenes shots: (Campaign will be released later this month)

Here is a speedpainting from the other night, jamming with oyo, after being completely blown away by the latest offerings from the Steambot crew.

Click for high res version!

Be good :)

33. Dave Palumbo's Panties

The insurmountable Dave Palumbo has been kicking ass with his traditional painting for years now, and its about time he gave me his panties!

Lo and behold, I wept for joy when my roommate approached my studio slightly confused, telling me I had recieved a painting of underwear in the mail!

Said panties now have pride of place between the two windows next to my desk - a constant reminder that somewhere out in the wild world, Mr Palumbo is noodling the next doodle.

Thanks Dave!

Friday, May 1, 2009


I was recently featured by WE ARE THE IMAGE MAKERS in issue 19

Just a short interview accompanied by work you have most likely seen, but thought I would share nonetheless.