Monday, January 26, 2009

26. Sketches, Projects, Faces and Places

inspiration overload at the moment... the start of 2009 has been everything I hoped it would be...

I have multiple projects on the boil, and for once I am seeing solid progress on each one. I have been doing a lot of painting and sketching, consolidating new directions in my work and ideas. I have made a start on a body of work to be exhibited later this year and am making solid headway. My book (see below) is also steaming ahead - perhaps 10% complete overall (still in R+D stage, havnt got into the full on crunch yet). Freelance has been keeping me with two roofs over my head and food in my belly. I have been privelaged to film several recent art events - live painting, mural painting, and music sessions around and about the local scene, which is tying into a documentary that is underway with a group of fellow artists. I have started some new initiatives which will come online soon, and have had enough time between all this to spend some good chillout time with friends over the holiday break.

Normally with this much on I tend to burn out quickly, but so far with the constant momentum I am staying inspired and keeping at the task moreso than usual. I have dittmar, james and aaron largely to thank for constant personal feedback and ass-kickery and I am excited to be doing more work with them as a collective.

Here is some stuff:

First, a photo taken on the roof of Hibernian House, where my studio is. The book I have begun work on is largely centred (conceptually) around this amazing place and its inhabitants. I fell in love with it over a year ago when I first found the underground jazz club and since moving in, each day it has revealed new aspects of itself. Truly one of the most inspiring places I have been and I hope to stay here as long as I can! I will share some work from the book over time, but would like to keep it mostly under wraps until it is published :)
I also found a kind of cheesy video shot in the building from a few years ago. The gallery in the video was in the space now occupied by my studio. There are several art studios, some rehearsal spaces, a jazz club, fashion designers, sound engineers, filmmakers, a hairdresser and even a fetish dungeon here... what more do you want??

The next few images are from a freelance gig just wrapped up with 2and2 and mentally friendly.

'Brutus' having a nap at Cafe Hernandez - Cross labrador/shepherd from memory.

Comps for larger paintings (oils if i can stomach it!)

Experimenting after some inspiration from Dan 'Ears' O'toole, cept mine sucks :D

Im planning to do around 100 of these and frame them - i managed to get 100 frames for $100 (5x7 simple black frames) so want to see what a whole bunch would look like lined up with each other...

More sketching/comps

Bridge livepainting at Culture Jam (OhReally Gallery Newtown)

The following 2 pages were both done at the 'All Tomorrows Parties' festival on cockatoo island - an amazing festival leagues ahead of the normal fare round here. It was hosted by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and featured a whole bunch of (amazing) musicians I'd never heard of. Clean, well run, no queues and the most amazing festival venue I have ever seen - and I got it for $25! Definately raised the bar.

Righto, thats it for now - there is lots of stuff almost ready to show and plenty of action for 09. Love to all.