Tuesday, March 15, 2011

66. Artists Help Japan

Sometimes when crises occur abroad it can be a little daunting to figure out the best avenue to contribute, and it can mean a lot to see a charity that is accountable and has a proven track record dealing in a certain area. Dice Tsutsumi has set up Artists Help Japan - working through Give2Asia to help relief efforts for the quake/tsunami crisis in Eastern Japan.
Dice has previously organised the Sketchtravel Project and the Totoro Forest project, and I like Give2Asia's policy of awareness of support funding at the mid/longterm stages of recovery, as most emergency funding goes to immediate relief.

More info can be found here

Dice is also auctioning off some of his new books and prints, over at his blog

I continue to hold the intention that all of the support and love from around the world that is being sent to Japan makes its way directly to where it is needed - the people on the ground.

Friday, February 11, 2011

65. Winds of Khalakovo

Here is a cover I painted not too long ago for Bradley Beaulieu, art directed by Dave Palumbo of Nightshade Books. I'll also be doing an interview soon on Brad's speculative fiction podcast 'Speculate', which I'll link to when it goes up. Its been really exciting to be a part of the process of getting Brad's vision into the hands of readers. When you are dealing directly creator to creator and supporting a personal vision, not an amalgam of a large team, it is a really special kind of reward when they dig the art and feel it has contributed to their story in some way. Check out Brad's website here - its got some great content, interviews, insight into his process and info about the series.

Hope you like the painting :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

64. bree

@ the new studio, 3hour sketch working looser and bigger than usual. opened a new door or two!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

63. Sketches from 2010

Some of my favourite sketches from late 09 to late '10. A few people have wondered why I wasn't updating sketchbook work anymore - the answer is very unprofound, I was simply too busy to scan and resize all the images :) Some of these are from Mt Kosciuszko in Australia, some are from our stay in Bali. Others are from the states and many from here at home. I'll add a few relevant anecdotal bits and pieces with the interesting ones. Hope you like!

Emerald Pool (Vernal Falls), Yosemite National Park

Upper Vernon Cascade, Yosemite

Crater Lake NP, Oregon

Jazz Musician playing at Andy's Jazz Club, Chicago

Niagara Falls... so much white!!

Chateau Frontnac, Quebec

Top right is my friend and fellow artist Jens, who was my guide in Quebec old town :)

Amazing model from Chris Pugliese's figure class in NY

Awesome life models at Society of Illustrators, NY

MET. Nuff said.

Beautiful public baths near Lovina in Bali.

View from Sari Organik (great resto) near our house in Ubud, Bali.

MT Kosciusko NSW

Amazing tree wedged into cement footpath blocks on a cement street in cement sydney.

Dr. Karl who we spent a... fast paced day with, at triple J.

Inspired by Jeff Jones 'Idyl'

Breakthrough with pencil, this was a GOOD day.

These cutouts are of paintings by an Italian expat painter who lived in Bali. Antonio Blanco formed friendships with many of the musicians and artists who toured through bali in the 60's and 70's and captured an amazing combination of western academic aesthetic and balinese sponteneity.

The Laughing Buddha, Ubud Bali

Hope these were an aperitif for the eyes and soul :)