Monday, November 3, 2008

New Studio!

I'm now in world's end studios, right near central station here in Sydney. Been a hectic weekend settling in - confronting a lot of old fears and new ones, and embracing some amazing new opportunities and evolutions, and chances to do some things over (hopefully with the benefit of hindsight!)

Thought id drop a photo of the new pad (im on the mid left with the screen, of course!) and a speedie i did today to try to nut out some weakness with form and colour.

Hope you are all smiling.


!.citrus said...

wow just had to drop by and say how much i love your stuff ! really inspiring and i thoroughly enjoy seeing it. keep it up ~

wow i have seen any studios around central; is it tucked away somewhere ? great looking place anyway (:

OYO! said...

Hey stootbro, all the best for your future in that new amazing organic creative environment. You deserves to be among the best my friend. I love the atmosphere in that speed painting, and the values of course, beautiful values. Could use a bit more life though :p eheh am a virgo as you said, cant help it !

See you soon !

Unknown said...

Hey Adam,

Thanks for leaving a comment on one of my speedy, that's excactly what I needed to hear-specially on composition. Beautiful paintings you are doing here, I really wanted to get that soft feel of your brush style, I have been fighting to get rid of my chalky paint feel but well that's my style I guess. You got a awesome pad, that's totally worth having it, I've got a loft also but it's not even near your size.. do some canvas stretching! TAKE CARE.