Tuesday, March 10, 2009

28. Fat Post

Hey guys, here is some stuff from last week and some sketchbook scans.

Hope you like :)


David Cousens said...

I know I sound like a stuck record, but I just love your sketchbooks, the presentation is fantastic. Can I be left them in your will? ;)

Unknown said...

just too cool! bring some of that stuff on sat will you?

Anonymous said...

some wistful, some striking, subtlely enlightening...i get lost in your sketches

Adam Paquette said...

David: ok i have written a note in the back of the book i just finished 'to be left to David Cousens in the event of my death'. can you email some sort of enduring contact info to me? Something i can put next to that so that it gets sent to the right place...

PJ thanks buddy :) will most definately do so! :)

Anon: thank you :) hopefully i can improve to a point where you once again FIND yourself in them.

Anonymous said...

J'aime beaucoup, je trouve que tu as du talent bien que je sois une néophyte en la matière.
c'est très diversifié ce que tu fais.
Sorry my english is very bad...help by oYo!

A+ good luck

Unknown said...

I've just discovered your blog though Gorilla Artfare. Reading your post I noticed you live in Sydney. I live here too, it's been just 2 months.
Do you know a good place for still life drawing? Something with models?


here my mail just in case

Anonymous said...

Adam, that's just full of win. HUGE FAN OF YOUR PENCILS!!! Take care dude.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Adam, I love the landscapes so much.

christopher copywriter said...

Wow Adam! Thanks mate, as usual, awesome and inspiring work! Moving beyond beautiful.

Warm regards,

chris dusseldorp